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The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive businesses in the world. If you're going to compete against working professionals, you have to know the standards—and those standards are very high. In order to work and work consistently, you must surpass those standards. You can't succeed as a professional Screenwriter without professional training and feedback. Any script that you write is the product of literally thousands of decisions. One might say your success as a Screenwriter comes down to your success as a decision maker. Joining the Screenwriters Federation is one of the most important... >> More info.  
  The Screenwriters Federation of America (SFA) (formerly known as Screenwriters Guild of America) is a proactive federation of industry professionals united for the mutual aid and promotion of common interests. Our experience and expertise is derived from the cooperative, collective wisdom of industry Screenwriters, Directors, Producers, Studio Executives, Literary Agents, Managers, Authors and Educators. >> More info.  
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